Monday, January 4, 2010

A is for Anne

Anne is amazing, attentive, amiable and able to jump tall buildings in a single bound! Maybe the last one is slightly exaggerated, but Anne is awesome. She makes beautiful scarves for her madeforme shops at, and You can find lovely crocheted jewelry there too. In addition she does fabulous (just look at mine) banners and avatars in her myhelpinghands shops.

Now that we've established how creative and skilled she is at scarves, jewelry, banners and avatars, you must know she is my cyber hero. I am new to using a computer and online shops, and she has helped me countless times. It is so appropriate to break in my blog and start the new year praising a talented artist, new friend and just plain awesome woman!


  1. You are just a bloggin' fool now girl!

  2. Anne truly is amazing!! Congrats on the beginning of a wonderful new blog! ~Julie =]

  3. I think that if Anne really put her mind to it, she could jump tall buildings in a single bound! She has been an amazing mentor to me, and many others :)
    London, you are doing fabulous! I'm loving the blog!

  4. Now I want to see Anne's work! Link, please. :)