Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E is for Evelyn's Baskets

Evelyn's Basket's of Love and Life are ecumenical, empowering, effective, enabling, equalizing and an enduring gift. My friends, Joe and Jane, have a mission! They provide families in Guatemala a basket full of everything they need to nurture infants born with cleft lip/palate. Not only are these babies cared for, but Joe and Jane talk with the families about the stigma associated with cleft lip/palate and provide the money needed for corrective surgery. The baskets are named in honor of Joe and Janes's granddaughter, Evelyn, who was born with a cleft lip/palate. Pink is the color associated with cleft lip/palate and, as love and life would have it, Evelyn's favorite color. $30 from the purchase of the Sterling Lips and Pink Glass Necklace will go to Evelyn's Basket's of Love and Life. To learn more about this mission, go to wwww.evelynsbaskets.org.

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