Monday, February 22, 2010

O is for Outstanding Bags at Gabs Bags

Oohhhh what to say about Gabrielle, the owner and talent of Gabs Bags.........She has been a hero and a friend to me. By doing so Gabrielle has shown kindness, encouragement and lots of patience. You can't go wrong with Gabrielle/GabsBags, I promise.

Gabrielle is the owner/designer behind Gabs Bags! Beautiful and orignal fashion creations! You can find Gabs Bags at:

Shop URL
2nd Shop URL
Website URL
Blog URL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

N is for No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

That didn't come out quite's more like poetic justice or divine intervention! This weeks featured artist is none other than Julie, owner and talent behind Creations With Heart. Yes, the same Julie that gave me my first Award! Please take a minute to visit Julie's shop or blog or whatever she's got that interests you.

This weeks Featured Artisan is Julie from Creations with Heart! Beautiful creations made by a beautiful lady!

You can find Creations with Heart at:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

M is for My Very 1st Award

Julie aka Creations With Heart (click on the title to visit her blog) gave me my very 1st award! So what could be better? Why giving an award to others of course. Since this is not an award for computer prowess, the new winners will have to do what I say, not what I do:

1 - Give this award to 12 others
2 - Visit their blogs to let them know you've given them the award
3 - Link back to the person that gave you the award (That's the only link I could manage.)
4 - The list of winners you choose should be linked to their blogs
5 - Bask in the glory of your beautiful award

I believe that's it. Now off to notify the winners! Happy Saturday!

UPDATE! ANOTHER cyber hero revealed! The blogs are all linked now thanks to my friend mv.....go ahead, click on her blog mvbeads!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

L is for Love This Artist!

The loving and lovable Gina has 2 shops you really should visit today. Chrysalis Designs is beautiful and refreshing as the name suggests. Her second shop, T.A.I.S.I., is inspired by Gina's deep and abiding faith in God. You will only find T.A.I.S.I. at, and 40% of everything you buy goes to a charity Gina supports. Hopefully you have time now for a visit. If not, she will be there when you do have time!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Chrysalis Designs - owner/designer is Regina McDonald. Gina also has a shop call T.A.I.S.I. on Madeitmyself. She does beautiful work and her T.A.I.S.I. shop 40% goes to the Refuge House in Florida.

You can find Chrysalis Designs at:

You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook!

Monday, February 8, 2010

K is for Kindred Spirits - AndeeDesigns

This is going to be a busy blog week. To get started, I'll recommend you visit AndeeDesigns. They are the winner of this months Favorite Undiscovered Studios Contest at ArtFire. Why kindred spirits, you ask? Two stay-at-home mothers started this business, and some of their items are jewelry! AndeeDesigns also carries items for men which can be hard to find in my experience. These ladies make wonderful pieces with photographs you provide. Please do visit my kindred spirits' shop, and you may find the perfect keepsake.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

J is for Jump over to Creative Minds

This week Sara aka Creative Minds is our featured artisan. She really does have a creative mind and capable hands too. You'll see a variety in her shop including jewelry, paper products and candles. There's no tellin' what she'll create next. So, just click on this post title, and jump in!