Monday, December 13, 2010

N is for Never Fear, Buster is Here!

Buster and I are home! Once again, I had a fabulous experience at Southeastern Guide Dogs. Buster is a 2 year old, solid black Goldador. His father is a Golden Retriever, and his mother is a black Labrador Retriever. He is 80 pounds and a truly awesome guide dog. Although I feel closest to my trainers (Lynn and Carl), I know it takes a village to raise a guide dog. I am eternally grateful to the staff, volunteers and supporters of SEGDI for Buster. My favorite dreams are those in which I can fly. When I was matched with Buster, it felt like a dream come true. Of all the dogs and all the people and all the wings in the world, Buster arrived with a pair of magical wings that are a perfect fit for us!

Dolly is doing well at Arbor Acres Retirement Community with my mother. I am eternally grateful to my mother as well for providing such a wonderful home for Dolly. Now I hear Christmas is just 12 days from today so I'm off to load my sleigh...


  1. Buster is beautiful! He appears to be taking after his mother the black lab. I wish you many years of happiness and clear paths with this lovely partner!

  2. Hi, London
    By chance, I happened upon your blog tonight as I was looking at other Winston-Salem bloggers.
    I live at Arbor Acres and know your lovely Mother. Very often I see her and Dolly walking and they seem so happy together. I think that I have never known anyone other than your Mother, my partner Bo, and Archie Allen, and You, of course, that really know and understand the other beautiful creatures of our planet.
    May you have many happy years together with Buster. He is a handsome fellow and I hope to meet him and you some day soon!
    With love and Best Wishes

  3. Long time no talk sorry, London Buster is truly a beautiful dog.