Thursday, April 15, 2010

Z is for Zip

So my husband and boys went to Carolina Ziplines this weekend with the Boy Scouts, and this is what they brought home! The puppy, Zip, was apparently living off of Boy Scout snacks and leftovers, drinking out of a creek and sleeping up against the boys' tents. We gave him a bath, pulled over 20 ticks off of him and took him to the Vet on Monday. He's 13 weeks old and in fairly good shape. Once again I have proven to be just this side of insane! Dolly loves him, Emmy follows him around growling at him and Sparky runs from him!?! Bear, our cat, stays on high ground, and I don't think the salamander has even noticed him! Here's to Z is for Zip, and we live in a Zoo...


  1. OOOO he is precious.. I read your blog post.. We too live in a zoo.. I told George we have "Sucker" tatooed on our forheads... we can't walk away from animals in need. All my babies are rescued accept 1. Abbie our oldest dog was the only "Planned" child! LOL

  2. How could you not fall for those eyes?? Zip is a lucky pup indeed!